ACI Ad Astra

ACI Ad Astra


Marc Zeller - Aave chan Initiative



Simple Summary

This ARFC proposes the continuation of the collaboration with the Aave-chan Initiative (ACI) for an additional year, with a proposed budget of 1M GHO.


The ACI has demonstrated significant value to the Aave ecosystem across multiple fronts. The “initiative” launched ~18 months ago is now a team of 8 people strong, including various talents & providing multiple services, contributing to the DAO's success. This proposal seeks to extend our collaboration for another year.


Proposal duration: ~365 Days Proposal Budget: 1M GHO

Note: this proposal is intended to be a continuation of ACI’s previous streams due to governance mandatory delays to avoid a “gap” in ACI’s engagement, the AIP payload will be adjusted to approximately reflect an engagement from May 5th, 2024 and then for a year after execution.



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