Treasury Management - GSM Funding & RWA Strategy Preparations (Part 1), Frontier Staking as a Service

Treasury Management - GSM Funding & RWA Strategy Preparations (Part 1), Frontier Staking as a Service





Simple Summary

In preparation for launching the GHO Stability Module (GSM) and the $1M RWA strategy with Centirfuge, this publication seeks to make available the necessary amount of USDC, USDT and DAI on Ethereum.


The GSM is expected to be available for deployment in the near future. The Centrifuge proposal is currently mid way through the review process. The current stable coin holdings on Ethereum are insufficient to support both the GSM, RWA strategy and Service Provider (SP) commitments. Additional funds are needed on Ethereum to support the GSM.

In addition to the above, this proposal also contains a small bit of house keeping that includes setting two legacy aUSDC Allowances to zero. Whilst the funds mentioned can not be claimed, they are currently showing as available when querying the Allowance (10.) balance.

The two allowances, 174k and 196k, are legacy from previous CRV and BAL bonding curve deployments respectively.


Part A of this proposal will perform the following:

  • Withdraw all amUSDC & aPolUSDC from Polygon V2 and V3
  • Withdraw all amDAI from Polygon V2
  • Withdraw 1.0M amPolDAI from Polygon V3
  • Withdraw all amUSDT & aPolUSDT from Polygon V2 and V3
  • Bridge all withdrawn assets to Ethereum

note When withdrawing all units from pools, in actuality, 10 units will be left as to not empty the pool.

  • Withdraw 128 aWETH from Ethereum V2
  • The received 128 wETH is to be withdrawn into ETH
  • Transfer the 128 ETH to SAFE address: 0xCDb4fA6ba08bF1FB7Aa9fDf6002E78EDc431a642 as part of the "Frontier" initiative. The snapshot for Frontier can be found here.

Revoke the following allowances for the Aave Collector on Mainnet:

IERC20Token.approve(spender, 0);

aENS0xa426759e433224c2b04f6619ab44217dad626c6eAave Collector Consolidation
aMANA0xa426759e433224C2b04f6619aB44217DaD626c6eAave Collector Consolidation
aUST0xa426759e433224c2b04f6619ab44217dad626c6eAave Collector Consolidation
sUSD0xa426759e433224c2b04f6619ab44217dad626c6eAave Collector Consolidation
aUSDC0x04f90d449d4f8316edd6ef4f963b657f8444a4caOne Way Bonding Curve
aRAI0xa426759e433224C2b04f6619aB44217DaD626c6eAave Collector Consolidation
aZRX0xa426759e433224C2b04f6619aB44217DaD626c6eAave Collector Consolidation
aAMPL0xa426759e433224C2b04f6619aB44217DaD626c6eAave Collector Consolidation
aSUSD0xa426759e433224C2b04f6619aB44217DaD626c6eAave Collector Consolidation
aUSDC0x46a1b7d4a2920270c7eb2c2db4df2259a109bcb4CRV Bad Debt Repayment
TUSD0xa426759e433224c2b04f6619ab44217dad626c6eAave Collector Consolidation
BUSD0xa426759e433224c2b04f6619ab44217dad626c6eAave Collector Consolidation
aTUSD0xa426759e433224C2b04f6619aB44217DaD626c6eAave Collector Consolidation
aDPI0xa426759e433224C2b04f6619aB44217DaD626c6eAave Collector Consolidation
aFRAX0xa426759e433224C2b04f6619aB44217DaD626c6eAave Collector Consolidation
aBUSD0xa426759e433224C2b04f6619aB44217DaD626c6eAave Collector Consolidation



TokenLogic and karpatkey receive no compensation beyond Aave protocol for the creation of this proposal. TokenLogic and karpatkey are both delegates within the Aave ecosystem.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

by BGD Labs