Request for Bounty Payout - June 2024

Request for Bounty Payout - June 2024


BGD Labs @bgdlabs



Simple Summary

Proposal to release a total of $1’000 as bounty for one outstanding Aave <> Immunefi valid submission, together with $100 as fee to the Immunefi platform; amounting a grand total of $1’100.


After the previous Request for Bounty Payout on January 2024, there has been only one valid bug submission on the Aave <> Immunefi program, which should be paid now with the month of submission (June) finished.

This proposal covers that bounty, cleaning up the pipeline until today July 1st 2024.


This proposal, following an approach similar to Direct-to-AIP, will go directly on-chain and will release the following funds to white-hat addresses and the Immunefi platform:

  • $1’000 to 0xeD656e42612177D9c747A16604E07D5C5B031d30.

  • $100 to 0x7119f398b6C06095c6E8964C1f58e7C1BAa79E18 (immunefi.eth). This is the fee corresponding to the 10% of the previous bounty.

The asset used for the transfers is GHO.



Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

by BGD Labs