weETH Aave V3 Base Onboarding

weETH Aave V3 Base Onboarding





Simple Summary

This ARFC seeks to add Ether.fi Liquid Restaking Token weETH to Aave V3 on Base.

After the successful onboarding of both weETH to Aave v3 Ethereum and Arbitrum, and latest ARFC to Increase Supply and Borrow Caps for weETH on both networks due to huge demand, this proposal will go direct-to-AIP following the asset onboarding framework.


eETH is an LRT that allows users to stake their ETH, accrue staking rewards, and receive additional rewards through native restaking on EigenLayer.

Ether.fi has also launched eETH on Arbitrum, allowing users on the L2 to get exposure to the LRT yield and points. As weETH has already been approved for onboarding to Aave v3 Ethereum and Arbitrum by the DAO, this proposal aims to extend the onboarding of weETH to Aave v3 on Base.


The table below illustrates the configured risk parameters for weETH

the Reserve Factor & UOptimal parameters have been aligned with the mainnet parameters to optimize Aave DAO revenue.

Isolation ModeFalse
Collateral Enabledtrue
Supply Cap (weETH)150
Borrow Cap (weETH)30
Debt CeilingUSD 0
LTV72.5 %
LT75 %
Liquidation Bonus7.5 %
Liquidation Protocol Fee10 %
Reserve Factor45 %
Base Variable Borrow Rate0 %
Variable Slope 17 %
Variable Slope 2300 %
Uoptimal35 %
Stable BorrowingDISABLED
Stable Slope17 %
Stable Slope2300 %
Base Stable Rate Offset0 %
Stable Rate Excess Offset0 %
Optimal Stable To Total Debt Ratio0 %
Siloed BorrowingDISABLED
Borrowable in IsolationDISABLED



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