Migrate Robots to Chainlink Automation v2

Migrate Robots to Chainlink Automation v2


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Simple Summary

Proposal to migrate existing Aave robots from chainlink automation v1.2 to v2.1. For governance v3 robots on ethereum, we introduce gas-capped robots in order to limit execution based on network gas price. We also activate robots for refreshing liquidity mining rewards for static-a-tokens.


With the release of Chainlink automation v2.1, we think its a good idea to update the Aave Robot existing infrastructure to the latest v2.1 version. In addition, as an effort to reduce the cost spent in gas in times of high gas prices, we also introduce gas-capped robots on mainnet which will be activated via this proposal.

Currently when a liquidity mining reward is added after static-a-token creation, it needs to be registered manually on the token via the permissionless refreshRewardTokens() method. As this process is not currently automated users might be missing out on rewards until the method is called, so now we introduce the robot for static-a-token to automate this process.


For the migration, the robots registered on the previous robot operator contract will be cancelled and new robots will be registered using an updated robot operator contract, compatible with the newer version of chainlink automation v2.1.

The robots will be cancelled by calling the cancel() method by the payload on the previous robot operator contract, and after the delay has passed anyone could call the permissionless method withdrawLink() on the robot operator contract to withdraw the unused funds on the previous robots to the collector.

On the newer robot operator, the payload will call the register() method to register the keepers with the newer chainlink automation registry supporting v2.1.

The proposal also refills the cross-chain-controller contract (part of aDI) on mainnet with 1 ethereum from the collector.

Note: All aave governance v3 robots along with robots used for gsm swap freeze and Proof of Reserve will be migrated via this proposal and will use the same contract as before except the one's mentioned below

Deployed Robots
Mainnet Gas Capped Governance Robot0x1996c281235D99bB3c6B8d2afbEb8ac6c7A39C11
Mainnet Gas Capped Voting Robot0x7Ed0A6A294Cf085c90917c0ee1aa34e795932558
Mainnet Gas Capped Execution Robot0xBa37F9eDC52f57caFA3a13ddfD655797Cc4FE257
Mainnet Gas Capped StaticAToken Rewards Robot0xda82148a3944BBe442116f41cDb329b0edF11d41
Polygon StaticAToken Rewards Robot0x855FbD0D57fF5B1e8263e3cCDf3384545fbaF863
Avalanche StaticAToken Rewards Robot0x8aD3f00e91F0a3Ad8b0dF897c19EC345EaB761c4
Optimism StaticAToken Rewards Robot0x861Be72d464b6F1C99880B9bE476D40e8F9b5Bce
Arbitrum StaticAToken Rewards Robot0x0451f67bA61966C346daBAbB50a30Cc6A9A67C69
Base StaticAToken Rewards Robot0xad87684D27e6e58F055E6878A9F11F8c52A5b0F5
BNB StaticAToken Rewards Robot0x020E452b463568f55BAc6Dc5aFC8F0B62Ea5f0f3



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